RU Volunteering Website

User Guide

For Volunteers

Prepared by: Coordinator, Volunteer Services

Tamworth Regional Council

Version 1: February 2021


ACTION Select “For Volunteers”

NOTE You have four (4) options -

  1. Find an Opportunity
  2. Opportunity Calendar
  3. Browse Organisations
  4. Become a Volunteer

Let’s explore all four pages.

ACTION Option 1 “Find an Opportunity”

NOTE City and State and or Postcode field may be pre-populated

ACTION Change this to suit your location search

HINT the fewer criteria, the more opportunities will appear

ACTION Click “Load more opportunities” to see all that are currently available

ACTION Click on the opportunity that interests you

ACTION If you are interested in expressing an interest – Select the “Express Interest” option at the end of the page

HINT: You must be registered to express an interest – (refer to Option 4. Become a Volunteer)

ACTION Option 2 “Opportunity Calendar”

This is a visual representation of volunteer opportunities only.

ACTION Option 3 “Browse Organisations”

Volunteers can search volunteer organisations that have registered on the RU Volunteering Website.

Find out more about their mission and ways to volunteer.

ACTION Option 4 “Become a Volunteer”

NOTE There are two options “About Membership” and “Sign up/Registration”

“About Membership” is information about the RU Volunteering mission, values and goals

ACTION Select “Sign up/Registration” to proceed

ACTION Fill in details and scroll down for more

ACTION Select the plus sign on the right for further options for example:

ACTION Proceed with filling in all information (as relevant)

ACTION Select “Next” to progress to verifying your email

HINT To finalise your registration, you will need to have access to your emails to receive and upload the verification code

NOTE Once you are registered, you will be able to express an interest in a volunteer opportunity of your choice, including multiple applications.


ACTION Click on the Log in Icon to view your details and express interests; follow the actions outlined above.


Your feedback is always welcome.  Please send User Guide improvement suggestions and feedback to: -

For the attention of the Coordinator, Volunteer Services.

RU Volunteering is proudly supported by Tamworth Regional Council